Headshot of Olive, who is white and transgender. They have short bleached hair and are wearing a grey sweater, smiling in front of greenery.

About Olive

I specialize in work with LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent adults seeking support with various kinds of life transitions, reintegrating difficult moments from the past into the present, and building confidence and self-efficacy. I work best with clients who are interested in defining clear goals for our work together, and who are seeking structured therapy sessions that address the goals we set while maintaining room for flexibility as our work changes over time. I am a transgender, queer white person, born and raised in NYC, and I use they/them pronouns, meaning that when someone refers to me without using my name, they would say 'they' or 'them' rather than he or him, for example. I hold an MSW from the Silberman School of Social Work at CUNY Hunter College, and I am licensed to practice in the State of New York. I am available to work with adult individuals and couples or polycules 18 years old and older.

I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to work with a wide range of people and experiences, and the majority of my work since 2017 has been with transgender and gender non-conforming individuals (TGNC) and queer people, especially immigrants and migrants. My most recent experience outside of private therapy was serving as an administrator and direct services provider at a grassroots nonprofit in NYC which supports TGNC people, immigrants, and our broader LGBQ+ community in accessing direct services, advocacy platforms, and supportive community for almost five years. Social justice and intersectional equity work is and has been my main interest since I began my career, and I encourage clients to explore how their identities and context influence their wellbeing, as well as how my identities and experience may influence our therapeutic relationship. No topic is off limits in my therapy sessions, and I strive to create an environment in which both I and my clients can bring our fullest selves to the work.

If you are curious to know more about the modalities and kinds of therapy I offer, see the Individuals and Couples Therapy page, and if you want to know more about starting sessions with me, please feel free to take a look at the Therapy Map, read some FAQs, or contact me directly. Thank you again for taking the time to learn more about me, and please let me know if I can answer any questions or offer you support.