• + Do you offer in-person sessions?
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am offering most therapy sessions via telehealth by phone or over Doxy, which is a HIPAA-compliant video chat platform similar to Zoom. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) sessions may also take place virtually, or may take place in-person at one of the two Wise Therapy office locations depending on space availability and client preference.

  • + How much do sessions cost, and do you take insurance?
  • Regular individual sessions are $150-$200 for 50 minutes, and couples and polycules sessions are $200-250 for 50 minutes. Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) sessions generally take between 1-2 hours and are the same sliding scale as individual sessions, regardless of the actual duration of each session. I can't accept insurance directly at the moment, but I can provide documentation necessary for out-of-network reimbursement for both regular sessions and KAP sessions. I hope to be in network with as many insurance providers as possible in the future, and will update this information as soon as I am able to offer those options or any other lower rates for sessions.

  • + How do I know if you're the right therapist for me?
  • You are more than welcome to reach out to me so we can have a brief (and free) 15 minute consultation call to talk about exactly what you're looking for and what your therapy expectations are. If it turns out we're not quite a match, I'm happy to refer you to someone in my network who might be a better fit. If you think you'd like to try some sessions together, I'll send you your intake form the same day. There is no obligation to continue sessions with me at any point in our relationship, so I'd say that if you're thinking about getting in touch, try it so you can see how it goes. If you'd like to first get a better picture of how starting therapy together will look, take a look at the Therapy Map for a breakdown of the intake and the first four sessions.

  • + Do you write letters for gender-affirming surgeries?
  • Yes! If you are currently located in New York State and are in need of a letter from a mental health provider for an upcoming gender-affirming surgery, please reach out to me. I am a member of The Gender Affirming Letter Access Project (GALAP), and I do not charge for gender-affirming surgery letter sessions. If for any reason I am not available to write your letter with you, I am happy to provider you with a referral to another low or no cost provider.