Therapy Map

Curious about how starting therapy will look? You're in the right place! The steps below will walk you through how to get started and what to expect in your first several meetings with me. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Image of a blue phone with a grey speech bubble to represent a consultation call

I. Consultation

Email, text, or call me with your questions, concerns, needs, and requests regarding therapy. If it seems like we might be a good fit, we can check in for 10-15 minutes by phone (for free) to discuss it further, and if you decide you'd like to work together, I'll send you your intake the same day.

Image of a blue intake form with a mouse arrow to represent the online client intake

II. Intake

Once you let me know that you'd like to try out a few sessions together, I'll send you an intake form by email for you to fill out on your own. The purpose of the intake is to gather basic information about you so that we have a little more context to work with the first time we meet. After you complete your intake, we'll schedule your first session.

Image of a journey origin pin on a map with dotted lines to represent the first session being the beginning of a journey

III. Session 1

In our first session, we'll go over your intake together, begin formulating some goals and direction for therapy, and start getting to know each other. This session is the first time we'll talk about what it is that you want to be different, or what changes in your life you want to see, but you are always allowed to change your mind and readjust your goals - therapy is a work in progress.

Image of a blue magnifying glass hovering over dotted map lines to represent the second session being a process of examining your path to therapy

IV. Session 2

In our second session, we'll get into detail about whichever areas of your life feel most relevant to your process. As in any session with me, we'll go at your pace - there is no rush to share with me anything that feels too raw or personal, especially at the beginning of our relationship, and it is always your right in therapy to assert boundaries around what you do and don't want to share or open up at any given time.

Image of a destination X on a map with dotted lines and a checklist beside it representing the third session being a process of setting goals according to where you want to go

V. Session 3

In our third session, we'll collect all the pieces that you flagged as most important from our first and second sessions and put them into an action plan for our first 3-4 months of work together. We will decide together what amount of work you can and are willing to do right now, with the understanding that it's ok for you to speed up or slow down whenever you need to, and talk about what therapy modalities you're interested in trying. For more information on what modalities I offer, take a look at Individual and Couples Therapy.

Image of two speech bubbles with map fragments in them representing continued conversation about your journey and process throughout therapy

VI. Session 4

In our fourth session, we'll get to work on the goals we set and experience our first full session of therapy. If it seems like there are lot of steps just to get started, that's because it is - therapy can be really great, and it takes some work to make it that way. Keep in mind, however, that the work is not all on you - the container of our relationship is there to hold space for you so that you can take this work at the pace you need to, with the support you need, in order for you to thrive.